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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few FAQs. If your question was not answered, make sure to contact us!

Kip J Jones DDS
Kip J Jones DDS


1. How long have you been practicing?


Dr. Kip J. Jones has been practicing dentistry since 2006.  After graduating from dental school in 2003, he served as a dentist in the United States Air Force. Upon returning from the USAF, he began his own practice in Layton, Utah and has been providing quality service to patients ever since.

2. What makes you different from other dentists?

At Dr. Kip J. Jones, we believe in treating our patients like family.  With our friendly staff who are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have, we are committed to creating a friendly, trusting environment that the whole family can be comfortable with.

3.Will you accept my insurance?

We are willing to accept reimbursement from all insurance providers.

4. What are your areas of expertise? 

As a dentist for the United States Air Force, Dr. Jones received training in comprehensive dental practices.  This means that he has specialized training across several areas, particularly wisdom teeth removal, Endodontics (root canals), and Orthodontistry.  Bringing his skill back home to his own practice, he has been able to provide a wide array of specialized treatments to his patients.

5. Are you an oral surgeon?

Dr. Kip J. Jones is not an oral surgeon.  However, as a former wisdom tooth removal specialist in the Air Force, he has extensive experience in wisdom tooth extraction and IV sedation techniques. He has performed hundreds of thousands of wisdom teeth removal surgeries and is able to offer the procedure to his patients very competitive rates.

6. What is IV sedation?

We at Dr. Kip J. Jones believe that IV sedation the best way to be sedated for wisdom tooth removal.  During IV sedation, an IV is inserted into the arm, delivering medication quickly for a faster, more comfortable procedure.

7. What is the recovery time for wisdom tooth removal?

While recovery time varies between individuals, we recommend that patients take 2-3 days off to allow time for a full recovery.

8. What Are Others Saying?

Everyone seems to love Dr. Jones. Here is what some of his patients and staff have to say.

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